Cemetery Management Database
Affordable, Automated, Easy-to-Use



Service options available:

1) Per incident to resolve a single problem. 
2) 3 Months of support - select option two. 
3) 6 Months of Support - select option three. 

All prices purchased will include a $9.00 Shipping and Handling fee that is added at the time of purchase.  CMS-Incident is $.99 plus $9.00 (USA) for a total of $9.99. 

 CMS-Incident  Single Incident $9.99 0
 CMS-Multiple  3 Months Support $34.99 0
 CMS-SemiAnnual  6 Month Support $69.99  0

Annual support required for free upgrades with SC & Max.  Continous support required.


Annual Support for Programs







Cemetery Management SC Lite


CM2600S Cemetery Management SC version 2.6



Max Single & Multiple Cemetery, Single User V4.x


SC & Max are designed to function in most network environments for one user at a time. Since all IT departments are not the same, CSR does not support the installation or use of CSR programs in networks. CSR is responsible under support for the database program itself, not the environment the program is installed into. CSR will replace or repair a database at our discretion depending on the nature of an error. CSR maintains a support website for clients that have purchased a program. All support is handled by email with a built in email address within all programs.