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 The 'Purchase' option accepts all major credit cards, a PayPal account is listed for those that want to use that service. You can only purchase one item at a time. For clients wanting to purchase a program with an import and or maps, please contact us and arrange a quote for these services.  Programs are sold with installation support unless otherwise noted.  Incident and annual support can be purchased on the Support page. The current cost of shipping is included with all purchases.  Call before purchasing multiple items and we will send you an invoice that allows you to make a single payment.  If you choose to make multiple purchases, we will refund shipping on additional items when multiple items are purchased separately.  GSS is priced per 15 sections per cemetery.  Import is for Owners and Interred, does not include graves purchased by Owners. Items marked as an upgrade are for existing clients with previously purchased CSR cemetery management programs.



 No bundled Support





 SC Lite 2.5 - Sold without support









 Bundled with Installation Support ONLY





 SC V 2.6  NEW!




 SC V 2.6 Upgrade NEW!




 Single Cemetery Max V 4 NEW!




 Multiple Cemetery Max V 4 NEW!




 Cemetery Max V 4 Upgrade NEW!



   Include with your order:      




 Additional License for SC Lite  



 Additional License for SC




 Additional License for Max



CM-M1  Map: Single Area - Small Cemetery



CM-M2  Per Section (4 and more sections)



CMI  Import (CSV, TSV, XLS) SC & Max



   Pricing per cemetery      
CM-GSSC  Grave Site Setup SC



CM-GSSM  Grave Site Setup Max



   Pricing per cemetery      


 Grave Layout for SC (GL)



CM2700GL  Grave Layout for Max (GL)



Request an order form for sending in purchase requests with checks or money orders. No cashiers checks please.

 Grave Site Setup (GSS) - we set a program up with your grave site information.

 Grave Layout (GL) is we modify a program to your layout identifiers.

Unless otherwise noted all programs are for one user to use on one computer. Additional licenses are for each user of many users to use a program or for a program to be used on more than one computer. These programs are copyrighted and are not available in open format. All CSR Consultants, LLC programs are encrypted. Customization of screens and reports as well as importing of a clients information are done by CSR Consultants, LLC. All prices are subject to change.

Mapping of a clients cemetery is done by the client sending in information that repesents how they want their maps. Maps are done by areas of a cemetery (Sections, Blocks, Divisions, ect) and placed into the program. The maps do not change, an area to the right of each map contains all information about the map displayed. Clicking on this information brings up additional screens for review of data entered. Maps can be edited by you to include names and colored to show availability. These maps are commonly used for handing out to visitors to your cemetery.