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This is our frequently asked questions page.  There might be a question here that pertains to your search about our databases.  For discovering which options come with each program please review our Software page.

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+ Do you have a Demo?
+ What are Maps?
+ If I do not have a drawing of my cemetery can I still get maps?
+ What is Grave Site Setup?
+ What is Grave Layout?
+ Can I upgrade to another program and if so what is the procedure?
+ How do I purchase more than one item?
+ What is support and how is it done?
+ How long is your sale?
+ Do I have to buy a new computer to run your program?
+ What are the computer system requirements?
+ Do I need to know how to use Microsoft Access?
+ Can you import our spreadsheet data?
+ Do you provide on-site training?
+ How is this program backed up?
+ Is the data 'locked' in the program; meaning that only CSR can get it out?