Cemetery Management Database
Affordable, Automated, Easy-to-Use


Established in 1987

We are committed to "Cost Effective Business Alternatives" for our clients. 

CSR is dedicated to the ongoing development and services of our cemetery management software.

CSR provides a lower cost solution to cemetery management software. Our software is designed for ease of use, easy backup and is comprehensive with the most common features asked for. Our maps are not generated inside of a program. You provide us with information and we draw you maps that you can use to hand out or email to visitors to your cemetery. Our programs provide you with screens and reports that accurately display data you have entered. Reports can be exported from the programs and customized as you see fit. We provide you with a flash drive so you can backup your data.
CSR does not charge a monthly fee or maintain a web presence for our programs. Each program comes with installation user support. Continuing support can be purchased per incident and annually.  The data you enter into one of our programs can be exported and sent to any number of on-line cemetery tracking organizations for uploading to their internet servers.