Cemetery Management Database
Affordable, Automated, Easy-to-Use


Cemetery Management Max version©™ 4.X 

Designed for cemeteries up to 100,000 grave sites.

Cemetery Management Max©™

Contains accounting, auditing, and maintenance record keeping; with sort & search functions never before available in an inexpensive cemetery management program.  This program is sold with installation support, can have maps included and will accept prior data import done by CSR.


  • User Login to control access and provide accountability

CM2700 Login Screen

Administration Menu -

  • Select Perpetual or Continual Care for graves purchased
  • Continual Care Automated for Annual billing
  • Create Grave Site Layout Screen -
    • Select any Grave Site Layout “GSL” with:
      • Section Name – Name of: Garden, Columbarium or Mausoleum
      • Section number or letter
      • Block number or letter
      • Lot number or letter
      • Grave number or letter
  • Standard and Amount Protection Deed with legal administration
  • Enter company’s cemetery does business by type of company
  • Enter purchases for cemetery
  • Post completed purchases for cemetery
  • Add \ Edit Employee’s for Audit of data input
  • Audit user input or change data entered in Administrative Audit areas
  • Include Donors
  • Include Donations by Donors
CM2700 Owners Screen

Owners Screen -

  • Single and Multiple “Family” grave purchases
  • Include Contract Number with Multiple Graves Purchased
  • Click on Work, Home or Cell phone number to place and record a call
  • Click on e-mail address to open and record an e-mail
  • Select multiple graves purchased for Amount Protected Deed
  • Select graves purchased by GSL
  • View all Owner information in one screen
  • Complete Owner Product purchase Screen
  • View Owner Invoice, Statement and Account Balances
  • Enter and record full Trust Accounting with deposit and withdrawal’s
  • View Active, Deceased and All Owners in handy screens

CM2700 Interred Information

Interred Information Screen -

  • Split entry screen for Interred information
  • Record primary information on first screen
  • Record additional information on second screen
  • Include full military information
  • Include Book and Page of Interment book
  • Select Grave site location by GSL
  • Complete Monument information with each Interred
  • Full Genealogy for both sides of Interred family
  • Include Casket or Urn model with manufacture
  • Include size of Grave Site
  • Show In-Ground, Vault, Mausoleum or Columbarium
  • Search by Last or First Name
  • Include “Sex” of each Interred
  • Include Next of Kin for Interred

Interred Menu -

  • Batch Processing screen for initial Interred Information
  • Sort Interred by 22 user selectable options
  • Click on any sorted Interred information to view all information on Interred
  • Simple Transfer screen by selecting Owner of grave site

Graves Menu -

  • Simple removal of Grave site purchase by Owner selection
  • Grave Site Owner’s with history of grave site purchase
  • View Graves purchased by Owner or Contract
  • View Grave Site Availability by Section Name or Section
  • View all Grave Sites Purchased on-screen

Visual Menu -

  • View Interred, Owners, Available and Unavailable grave sites on-screen
  • View Maps of Sections of the cemetery with all information

Accounts Menu -

  • Enter and record Grave Site payments
  • Enter and record Continual Care payments
  • Enter, Edit and Delete Continual Care Owners

Maintenance Menu-

  • Enter and record Caretakers, Contractors and assistants
    • Complete Work Orders with
      • Owner Complaints
      • Area to be serviced
      • Days & Hours required to finish work
      • Total cost for work requested
      • Work Order balance report

Reports Menu -

Reports –

  • Account Balance - Graves
  • Account Balance - Continual Care
  • Accounts Posted
  • Accounts Received
  • Caretakers
  • Cemetery Company’s
  • Columbarium Company’s
  • Continual Care Collected
  • Donors
  • Donor Envelopes
  • Donor Labels
  • Donations Collected
  • Employees
  • Funeral Homes
  • Graves - Family
  • Graves Purchased
  • Graves Purchased with Interred 
  • Graves Reserved
  • Graves Available
  • Graves Unavailable
  • Interment Listing
  • Interred Listing
  • Inurnment Listing
  • Invoice - Graves
  • Invoice - Continual Care
  • Mausoleum Listing
  • Next of Kin
  • Next of Kin - Envelopes
  • Next of Kin - Labels
  • Next of Kin - Interred
  • Next of Kin - Owners
  • Open Invoices
  • Owner - Care of Grave Site Requests
  • Owners - All
  • Owners - Envelopes
  • Owners - Labels
  • Owner - Purchases
  • Owner Statements
  • Owner - Active
  • Owner - Deceased
  • Owner - E-mail Summary
  • Perpetual Care Agreement
  • Perpetual Care Collected
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier’s Products
  • Trust Accounts
  • Trust Account Activity
  • Veteran’s
  • Weekly Call Summary
  • Work Order Costs
  • Work Orders - Open
  • Work Orders - Closed
  • Work Order Request