Cemetery Management Database
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Cemetery Management SC©  



Cemetery Management SC©™- is designed specifically cemeteries up to 10,000 grave sites. Program is designed with you in mind.  Automatically capitalizes first and last names in Owners and Interred.  Additional information that is reoccuring has areas where you can change that information.  CM2600 repairs data entered as you work and completely resolves most entry errors when closed.   Program is sold with installation support, can have maps included and will accept excel spreadsheet import done by CSR.  Program can be modified, call today for a quote.




·         Graves Identified by: 

·         Section, Block, Lot & Grave (or) 

·         Section, Lot & Grave (or) 

·         Block, Lot & Grave  

·         Automated Grave Site Layout screen 

·         Section removal available in grave layout screen  

·         Remove a grave site for construction, repair, et by reassignment  

·         View all available & unavailable grave sites on-screen  

·         Unlimited Next of Kin for Owners and Interred 

·         Change grave ownership automatically 

·         Automatic transfer of Reserved Graves to Interred  

·         Perpetual Care by percent or Flat Rate  

·         Accounts Receivable for Graves purchased  

·         Unlimited Caretakers 

·         Caretaker Maintenance by Work order requests 

·         User input for reoccurring Work order requests  

·         Separate screen for viewing all open and closed work orders 

·         23 separate search functions for interred 

·         Select a grave site number and view location information 

·         Maps by Sections (Divisions, Units, et.) 

·         Deed Administration for 

·         On Screen Deed  

·         Include Deed number and document with Grave Sites purchased  

·         Remove Interred, Next of Kin & Owners with a single selection  

·         Include Products from Suppliers 


CM2600 Interred Information Screen 



·         Reoccurring information containers allow changes  

·         Cause of Death, Funeral Home, Clergy and Services areas 

·         Double click on a reoccurring data entry area and edit its contents  

·         Automatic Mausoleum checked with grave site selection 

·         Automatic Columbarium checked with grave site selection 

·         You can also select to add an interred to a mausoleum or columbarium by selection in the interred information screen 

·         No restrictions on number of interred per grave site

·         Record Prior Address

·         Select Monument to record all information about the monument, flat stone or head stone

·         Enter links to on-line pictures and other information

·         Record any pictures with an interred

·         Identify interred by interment (full or casket) or by inurnment (cremation or urn)

·         Select type of burial (Adult, child, teen, brother, sister, etc)  

·         Add year only for Date of Birth - DOB, Date of Death - DOD or Date of Interment - DOI  

·         Add place of birth and place of death  

·         Include organizations belonged to (Lions, Masons, etc)  

·         Add genealogy information

·         Enter full Y2K ready DOB and DOD: Program calculates interred to Years, Months & Days alive with age at death  

·         Record year only with Year of Birth – YOB and Year of Death – YOD to automatically display interred’s age at death 

·         Add Place of Birth and Place of Death  

·         Record Ethnic Origin, Military Service, Religion, etc  


CM2600 Owners Screen


·         Unlimited Owners 

·         Mark Owner as deceased  

·         View Active Owner screen & report 

·         View Deceased Owner screen & report  

·         Continual Care Instructions 

·         Unlimited Next of Kin 

·         Internal logging of Calls and E-mails 

·         Purchase individual grave sites 

·         Edit graves purchased 

·         View all graves purchased with perpetual & Deed number

·         Reserve Grave Sites for interred & View all Reserved (Pre-Need) on-screen

·         Trust Accounts 

·         Owner Product purchases  


  • Accounts Receivable by date selected  
  • Accounts Payable by date selected   
  • Invoicing by date   
  • Open Work orders   
  • Closed Work Orders   
  • Owner listing   
  • Active Owners  
  • Deceased Owners   
  • Owner Call & E-mail Summaries   
  • Owner labels & Envelops   
  • Owner Graves With Interred  
  • Next of Kin Listing  
  • Next of Kin labels & Envelops
  • Interred (A-Z)  
  • Interment Listing (full – casket)  
  • Inurnment Listing (cremated – urn)  
  • Veterans Listing   
  • Reserved Grave Sites   
  • Grave Sites Available  
  • Grave Sites not Available  
  • Individual Genealogy  
  • Book of all interred with Genealogy  
  • Monument, Tombstone, or Headstone Companies  
  • Monuments, Tombstone, or Headstone by Company  
  • Suppliers  
  • Products by Suppliers   
  • Caretakers  
  • Mausoleum Listing  
  • Columbarium Listing  
  • Available Columbarium Spaces  
  • Available Mausoleum Spaces  
  • All Grave Sites with Owner and Interred
  • Section - All Grave Sites with Owner and Interred
  • Section - Grave Sites Available  
  • Section - Grave Sites Not Available  
  • Section – Interred  
  • Section - Purchased Graves with Interred  
  • Interred In Vaults